'Silver Shortage' Report & 1 Million Contest
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1st Why is this Important?

If you want more wealth, health, truth & freedom in your life then you must read this now.

This is your chance to be rich as silver races far above the all-time high of over $50 per troy ounce set back in 1980.

My conclusion after of 24 years of research, study & experience in business & global markets is that a gold and silver shortage is coming & will soon become global news. But it will probably become global news overnight. And counter-intuitive to most people, silver is actually better than gold! I explain why silver is better than gold throughout my reports.

How Simple will it be?

Physical silver is the simplest, easiest, lowest-priced, surest way that you can confidently transfer through this crisis & be much richer afterwards.

To benefit the most from this silver shortage you don't have to have the same 99.99% level of confidence as I have. But you need enough confidence to act and buy some silver before the shortage becomes global news. Confidence comes from the facts. So in this coming research report I have prepared 32 facts that will give you the confidence.

The 5X The Research Contest

To show you how confident I am in the 'Silver Shortage' conclusion of the research and the report, I am putting my money where my mouth is. During this contest you can earn 5 times the report research fee if you can find 1 fact that dismantles the conclusion of the research.

Here is Why

But here's my hope. That if you can't find even 1 fact that dismantles my conclusion then logically you should have enough confidence to prepare for the silver shortage now, so you too can transition richer, instead of poorer, into the post-crisis world.

Your time is now.

From Joshua Michael , President of Gold-Ichiba.com

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